A Magical Celebration

Our exclusive Fairytale Ballet program brings the Birthday Girl's favorite Fairytale to life.

A Ballerina hostess will lead the festivities with tutus, bubbles, ribbons and festive Birthday dances.  Then, each child is dressed in a themed character costume (designed to go on over a leotard or fitted play clothes) and dances the story with props to coordinating music.

In Studio  2 hrs:  Student  $475/Non-Student  $525

  In Home  1 hr:  Student  $375/Non-Student  $425

Price includes 12 participants / Additional child $15

In Studio or In Home Celebrations include:

Call for current pricing

Princess Gown for Birthday Girl

Tutus, Tiaras, and/or Princess Gowns for all participants

Princess Hair-do

Themed craft


*Parties available Saturday and Sunday.

 Call to inquire for availability on different days of the week.

Ballerina Hostess


Princess Wand party favor

Themed party with tutus & costumes for children to dance in

*In studio includes set up & clean up

Birthday Celebrations


Princess-size your party