Your child will be captivated with our unique Fairytale Ballet program featuring cherished childhood literature that comes to life each week with exquisite costumes, props, classical music and ballet education.


Every week a new Fairytale with costumes awaits!


18-24 months

Baby Ballerinas

2-3 years w/ Caregiver

Twinkle Toes

Caregivers encourage little ones to break free and take their first dance steps in this Fairytale Ballet class full of imagery and fun!  Mini-Performance each Session!

  2.5-3, 3-4, 3.5-5, 4-5 and  4-5 years +Tap

Fairytale Ballerinas

This Fairytale Ballet Class focuses on ballet basics as well as creative movement and musical rhythms.  We'll showcase the pure joy of movement within our curriculum while your child experiences a different Fairytale Ballet each week.  Mini-Performance each Session!

*Spring Recital for classes 4-5yrs and up.

Seasonal Camps for all ages

For the littlest dancer, a pre-Fairytale Ballet Class with engaging beloved Nursery Rhymes and props.

Fairytale Ballet  Classes